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Unipharms Foundation is a Dutch based, non-profit, cooperative strategic-buying alliance that currently works with major European generic medicine companies and distributors to source quality generic medicines for patients in Africa, Asia and South America. The sourcing cooperative alliance initiates, manages, and coordinates joint-buying activities for its members in Africa, Asia and South America. We consolidate the demands of a wide range of members that include NGOs, UN agencies, International funders and procurement programmes along with regional and national hospitals to facilitate access to European registered medicines. In this way we minimise the risk of counterfeit or inferior quality medicines entering the market, control the distribution chain and generate viable volumes by consolidating the demands of several customers.

Unipharms Foundation is a Dutch based non-profit sourcing/procurement cooperative member platform for enabling the sourcing of EU sold generic medicines (includes biological and/or biosimilar products registered either by EMA or FDA) for supply to non EU countries. By pooling and unifying the demand for generic medicines we can achieve synergies in sourcing, purchasing and distribution of the medicine needs of a multitude of customers in developing countries across the globe. Through this centralized pooled joint sourcing/procurement sourcing platform we endeavor to achieve the most competitive of prices. We provide our worldwide cooperative alliance buying clients’ access to the biggest sourcing generic medicine suppliers in Europe. The stake holders of this cooperative alliance sourcing and procurement system consists of nationally recognized wholesale pharmaceutical purchasing coalition associations B2R outside of the EU and those responsible for national procurement of medicines for institutional use. Our clients not only benefit from a central sourcing and procurement cooperative but also the provision of a clearing and logistics distribution system to control costs.

Unipharms Foundation will offer services that only comply with article 39 van de Geneesmiddelwet (Gnw) established by the European Medicine Agency (EMA) as a Mediator (bemiddelaars).
By pooling and leveraging the demand for generic medicines we are best placed to negotiate prices that are affordable for our clients. Using the expertise of the top EU medicine distribution supplier channels we can also source private label medicines and specialised niche therapies on an international scale. This enables our clients to have access to affordable quality generic medicines on an ongoing basis with no disruption to supply. Even smaller quantities of EU generic medicines can be sourced and made viable through the pooling of demand.
We work with nationally recognized licensed non-EU based importers in offering countries the opportunity to purchase European generic medicines at low net pricing via a transparent sourcing and procurement process. The integrity of the supply chain is controlled by using the distribution network of the leading European wholesalers and manufacturers.

We are mainly a not-for-profit sourcing organization utilizing the excess capacity in Europe to source lowest cost EU sold generic medicines to our buying members. As such we endeavor to source the required generic medicines from the lowest priced suppliers in Europe delivering to our clients a range of suppliers and prices. Our clients can then choose their preferred supplier from this list. Unlike procurement organizations we do not add any costs to the prices quoted from the suppliers and therefore the pricing is transparent with no hidden mark-ups. The only additional cost is the 4% administration fee, per completed transaction, which we require to cover the costs of running our organization and the ongoing contact and negotiations with suppliers.

We attempt to consolidate demand for different medicines from different clients in order to have sufficient volumes to interest suppliers in conducting business with some of our smaller clients. If buying member decides not to use any of our suppliers based on pricing or other considerations then of course there is no charge, they may be eligible to use our sourcing services to compare generic medicine prices.

We are dependent on the integrity of our clients; hence we require client details (PPF – Purchasing Partnership Form) before we commence any business transaction. By dealing directly with the supplier the client remains in control of any business venture and has no need to work with a third party. In this way we would hope to minimize any risk by dealing with reputable partners both our suppliers and buying partner clients.

Where it may be necessary to involve either registration agencies or alternative distribution methods you will always be informed and asked for informed consent before any activity is undertaken.

€: There will be options to buy locally manufactured non EU made generic medicines if prices are lower to our buying members. As a member of the Unipharms Foundation you will be able to first compare our sourced EU generic medicines prices from our European distribution channels to the prices offered locally in your country. We may recommend purchase of local non EU made products provided there are assurances on quality and the medicines have the requisite packaging and dosage.

€: The cooperative alliance member buyer pays directly to the EU supplier in advance of shipment and not to Unipharms Foundation. We add value by sourcing excess capacity EU sold generic medicines at the lowest costs to our buying partners outside the EU from the EU and UK retail networks and warehouses.

€: The finished medicine packaging, dosage and labelling EU languages are in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese and meets EU guidelines.

€: Unipharms Foundation charges a transaction fee of 4% of the net purchasing price for facilitating and coordinating the sourcing, purchasing and distribution process. If buying members contact us directly and become a PPF member it is 3% admin fee per completed transaction. If introduced via a local sales agent the extra 1% fee is paid to the local introducing agent making the total transaction fee 4% per purchase to the PPF buying partner.

€: Unipharms Foundation cooperative alliance members can get the pricing data and medical information on all types of niche medicines to meet their needs. In addition, the registration process for new generic medicines for its member coalition countries can be facilitated.

Curious about our prices for generic drugs or interested in joining our cooperative? Please feel free to contact us for further information.




Best regards

Viren Chanmugan, CFA