“Buying Together Better”

There are many benefits our cooperative alliance members can expect to take advantage of when utilizing Unipharms Foundation to source generic medicines (also biological and/or biosimilar products registered either by EMA or FDA) from Europe and United Kingdom. The savings are both proven and quantifiable.

Our buying members are either B2R non EU wholesalers who have their own retail network for patients (and not to other wholesale speculators) or national procurers of medicines for institutional use (hospitals, clinics, charities and NGOs).
We require end user certificates (PPF – Purchasing Profile Form)showing that the EU & UK sold generic medicine is only for use outside EU countries and for direct retail via their network to non EU patients.

Does Unipharms Foundation cooperative charge a membership fee?
No, but based on purchasing volume and sourcing services provided there is a fee of 4% per transaction.The higher the volume; the lower the fee rate with transport costs. Our purchasing client buyers only pay us when they finalise an agreement to purchase. If the purchasing buying member comes directly to our sourcing Foundation there is a 3% admin fee, and if not the other 1% is paid to the local introducing sales agent.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement?
No. Ideally we would seek to fill a 40ft or 20ft temperature controlled sea container or European Pallet (depending on supplier) that can have different allocations of medicines from one supplier for each member delivered CIF to the end buyer

Does Unipharms Foundation sourcing cooperative offer any value-added services and/or member support?
Best practices: The Foundation provides access to the combined latest pharmaceutical medicine research, medicine needs and pricing knowledge of all of its members. Using this we can identify best practices and utilise efficient good distribution practice methods to reduce total transportation costs.

We may provide or show only our preferred clients access to quoting prices data from our suppliers (based on their approval) to other buying clients.

Unipharms endeavors in a wide variety of tenders and long term agreements with NGO ‘s and  MOH’s. Throughout the years we have noticed that in order to bid successfully especially pharmaceuticals need to be registered in the country of destination. Through our experience and network of suppliers we are able to facilitate register products within restricted timeframes.

Does Unipharms Foundation cooperative’s bidding process meet the procurement standards at your organization?
Competitive pricing: a sourcing/purchasing consortium is generally able to negotiate lower prices for specialized niche generic medicines than any of the single members in the collective. Leveraging this aggregate purchasing power allows members to take advantage of competitive pricing. Strategic value and time savings: many pharmacy sourcing and procurement organizations simply don’t have the time or the resources to research new generic medicine categories, source competitive quotes, and negotiate pricing.

Does Unipharms Foundation cooperative offer the medicines, services, and suppliers that meet your specific needs?
Unipharms Foundation cooperative purchasing organizations will conduct a spend analysis across the membership to identify potential savings, improvement in product selection, supplier performance and evaluate medicines usage.
This will result in a supplier portfolio that includes many of the pharmaceutical suppliers most committed to meeting the specialized medical needs and delivery requirements of our members.

Does the Unipharms Foundation offer service to prevent counterfeit medicine? Counterfeit medicines are best avoided by buying directly from the largest European drug distribution channels. No substandard, spurious, falsely labelled, falsified or counterfeit (SSFFC) medicines enter the distribution supply chains by buying from unregulated EU & UK sources.

Does the Unipharms Foundation offer local/accessible representation?
Yes, as we are based in the Netherlands the middle of Europe for sourcing European generic medicines.

Will you be able to quantify the time and/or cost savings realized through participation in Unipharms Foundation— in other words, is it worth it?
Strength in numbers: the sheer volume of purchasing power aggregated by the size of the cooperative provides each individual member with economies of scale that they would not have been able to achieve on their own. This alone is a tremendous benefit when buying generic medicines and controlling logistics cost and extending efficiencies.

How you deal with regulatory requirements in the destination countries? All of the generics we will supply will have European marketing authorisations and therefore the appropriate inspection requirements. Where countries will not accept EU MAs we will endeavour to support registration through the supplier (longer term arrangement). Stability data will depend on the molecule, formulation and destination and will be confirmed following the initial enquiry.

The advantages of being an Unipharms cooperative member

  • Successful experienced sourcing, price mediation team delivering great service
  • Market know-how to benefit from the best-buying practices
  • Flexibility and choice of formulations
  • Multi pharmacy distribution channel buying and sourcing
  • Improved profitability from quality generic medicines
  • Minimising the risk of counterfeit medicines
  • Best commercial conditions
  • Combined purchasing volume for the lowest price
  • Private Label options

The advantages of being an Unipharms supplier

  • Access to worldwide pharmacy distributions;The win for Unipharms Foundation is that we can supply your local non-EU customers who are in medical need, the win for you suppliers would be an increase in sales outside EU
  • Entry into new markets with minimal local costs
  • Expanded bulk-volume potential
  • International access for fast-moving generic pharmacy medicines
  • Work with a professional buying team
  • Expanding access to affordable medicines in developing markets



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