Unipharms Foundation is a non-profit procurement cooperative member platform for enabling the purchasing of generic medicines for supply to developing countries.
“We are a startup Dutch based nonprofit cooperative sourcing alliance organization that uses good distribution practice from European procured pooled quality generic medicines at the lowest net price to deliver low costs to end users outside Europe. Please contact us info@unipharms.com for more information about how our transparent competitive approach can provide access for your pharmaceutical needs by joining our cooperative of purchasers.”

Unipharms Foundation is a Hague-based, non-profit, strategic-buying alliance that currently works on behalf of top non EU and non US generic medicine retailers. Unipharms Foundation has been initiating, mediating, and coordinating joint-buying activities in EU generic medicines for its cooperative wholesale distributor retail members. By pooling and leveraging our wholesale buying members with EU medicine distribution supplier channels expertise and volume we seek to source generic medicines and also private label medicines on an international scale, Unipharms Foundation is able to deliver quality generic medicines at competitive prices. This enables patients to access treatments at affordable prices and ensure continuity of supply for ongoing therapy. The main goal for this nonprofit sourcing cooperative alliance foundation “Unipharms” is to increase the use of EU quality generic medicines worldwide through one stop pooled cooperative purchasing. Our cooperative alliance purchasers and clients are able to combine their pooled purchasing power to negotiate competitive prices for generic medicines from manufacturers and established EU distribution networks to keep net prices competitive for their end users. Our aim is to give our cooperative access to European made quality generic medicines through a centralized one- stop purchasing and distribution approach.

Buying together Better”. Unipharms is a Dutch based, non-profit, cooperative strategic buying alliance that currently works with top European generic medicine pharmaceutical distribution channel suppliers. The sourcing cooperative alliance has been initiating, managing, and coordinating joint-buying activities supply to members in Africa, Asia and South America.
Unified Pharmacist Foundation (“Unipharms”) produce larger purchasing volumes, by forming a cooperative, to negotiate the best net price for European generic medicines. The fragmented demand for generic medicines worldwide creates inefficiencies in global procurement including timing of needs, logistics, warehousing and continuity of supply. Developing countries by purchasing European quality generic medicines benefit from unified labeling and packaging, patient information and product integrity. This also allows the European generic drug manufacturers to maximize their production capacity and provide competitive net pricing. Given the regulatory rules of each member pharmaceutical country, this centralized purchasing of generic drugs may not apply to all classes of drugs.
Our services and fees to our alliance cooperative clients’ members: Our cooperative alliance purchasing coalition members pay directly to the seller distributors. We charge our cooperative member buyers a nominal percentage for facilitating, mediation and arranging distribution. We also provide services to assist with any necessary paperwork to register the approved generic medicines with their respective countries’ health regulators. We also provide our clients with the best generic medicines options open to them based on our involvement with the EU generic medicine industry.
Counterfeit medicines are avoided by buying directly from the established European drug distribution channels. No substandard, spurious, falsely labeled, falsified or counterfeit (SSFFC) Medicines enter the distribution supply chains.
Types of EU made generic medicines, dosage and packaging: Unipharms will source for their cooperative member buyers a wide range of EU standard generic medicines in tablets, capsules, bottles of oral suspension/solution, tubes of creams/ointments, bottles of infusions and injections. These medicines will be packed and labeled complying with EU regulations may including the main EU languages of English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.
Unipharms cooperative alliance buyers will benefit from the largest EU distribution channels; low costs, ‘good distribution practice’, transportation (temperature controlled sea, air, truck, rail or courier) combined with track&trace and on time capabilities in order to meet the needs and requirements of the worldwide purchasers.
Depending on the destination as well as our cooperative coalition member buyer’s demands or preferences, Unipharms will also work with local forwarders and their wholesale distributors to handle the final distribution to the recipient. Efficiencies in transport distribution from one stop consolidated purchasing allows Unipharms to align purchasing between the top European generic manufacturers and wholesale distributor suppliers to the needs of specific destination buyers worldwide, minimising costs, delays and errors.
We work with nationally recognized licensed non EU importers in offering countries a chance to purchase European generic medicines at low net pricing via a transparent procurement process. We are partnering with Europe’s biggest and leading pharmaceutical wholesale intermediary procurement channels to leverage their procurement and distribution network to deliver at the lowest net price to our non EU wholesale clients.

Our buying members are B2R with non EU wholesalers who have their own end retail network to patients and not to other wholesale speculators. We only work with wholesalers who have their own non EU retail network and not to wholesale speculators/traders who buy and sell medicines to other wholesalers. We require end user certificates showing that the medicine is only for use outside EU countries and for direct retail via their network to non EU patients.

Our cooperative pooled buyers and the alliance coalition client wholesale members of Unipharms Foundation could be:
• Private Hospital Chains and Clinics • National Ministries of Health and related pharmacies • Regional pharmacy certified wholesalers and distributors • NGOs and Faith based charities • UN Agencies • Licensed Central Medical Stores in non EU countries• International Funders • International Procurement Programs for countries• Regional national Hospitals • WHO • IRC.